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My Mourning Doves and my home

My Mourning Doves and my home
Author: muskyhusky_1
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There are Mourning Doves in the picture - there's one on each feeder and a couple on the ground, I wish I had a zoom lens [the white trailor isn't ours]

Below is the front of our Mobile Home ~ we just ripped all the weeds out of there and put a Dwarf Alberta Spruce on each end of the trailor ~ they grow to 12 feet tall ~ the bushy plant I thought was called a 'gay flower' but I guess I'm wrong ~ I've had it so long that I can't remember the name of it ~ I transplanted it 7 years ago when we moved here.  Marble Stone and the Solar Lights, and the evergreen trees we put in last week and weekend. 

Author: WolfEyes
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Wow, you have been busy, girl.  Good for you.  Everything looks so nice and the birds are goind to love it.  I love the coos of the mourning doves!

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