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Evergreens we recently planted:

Evergreens we recently planted:
Author: muskyhusky_1
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Dwarf Alberta Spruce [2 of them] Grows to12 Ft. T and 10'Wide


2 mugo pines ~ Grows to 4' T and 5' W.


3  Midget Aborvitae ~ Grows 30" T and 30 " W

1 Dwarf Lilac [gonna add more though] ~ Grows to 4' T. and 6' W. in 10 yearsScared

Author: WolfEyes
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Man, you are a busy little beaver.  You go girl!  I love the dwarf trees.  Lilacs are my favorites.  I left the most gorgeous lialac bush in Wisconsin. Crying  It was in front of our bedroom window and I'd leave the windows wide open just to drink in the lovely scent.

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