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Welcome to our picture gallery.

Animal Pictures of Wildlife in America.

The Wildlife of America, Wildlife Picture Gallery offers a variety of North American Wildlife Pictures. Just click on a category to view pictures of your favorite animal. There is also Wildlife information and Wildlife facts under each photo of the animal that you are looking at. Please feel free to submit photos* that you have taken of Wildlife in America to mailto:sales@wildlifeofamerica.com

Animal Track Pictures – Can you guess from the pictures of these animal tracks whom they belong to?

Pictures of Birds – The North American Continent provides habitat for a wide variety of our feathered friends. Favorites are Wild Turkeys, Cardinals, Ducks, Geese and occasional visitors such as Flamingos.

Pictures of Bears – The Black and Grizzly Bear are symbols of our North American Forests. Polar Bears reside in the northernmost regions of the continent.

See pictures of what a busy Beaver could do to forestland.

Bison Photos – The American Bison played a crucial role in the survival of Native Americans. Bison, also know as Buffalo, roamed the plains of this continent under the Federal Government decided to eradicate the species in 1830.

Deer Pictures – The most common variety of deer in North American is the White-tailed Deer. Other species of Deer found in America include Mule Deer and Key Deer.

Pictures of Reptiles – America is home to many different species of Reptiles. Lizards, frogs, turtles and snakes are common to many areas in North America.
Polar Bear Picture

Small Mammal Pictures – Enjoy pictures of Squirrel, Prairie Dogs, Otters and others.

Wolf Pictures – Making one of the greatest comebacks from near extinction is the Gray Wolf. Thanks to the Endangered Species Act and their reintroduction into Yellowstone, the species once again inhabits part of its historic range. There is also an effort to restore both the Red and Mexican Wolves back into the Wild.

*All photos sent to Wildlife of America, must be the property of the submitter and your submission to Wildlife of America grants permission to our Organization to use your photos on our website as we see fit.

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