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Animal and Wildlife Lover Gifts from Wildlife Of America.


Wildlife of America hopes you enjoy shopping in our Animal Lover Gifts store. There are beautiful animal figurines, Mountain Animal T Shirts and unique animal jewelry.  We have animal merchandise as well as Wildlife animal lover gifts. Find your favorite animal from the links below or to your left and treat yourself or an animal lover friend or relative to one of these wonderful wildlife gifts! A purchase from our Animal Lover Gift shop will benefit the Wolf Howl Animal Preserve fence fund and the Wolves.

Animal Figurines - We have darling animal figurines, just click on your favorite North American Wildlife animal gift favorite and see for yourself.

Animal T Shirts – Here you will find different wild animals on our quality animal t shirts from The Mountain. Click on your favorite gift animal and you will find animal t shirts such as, Bear T Shirts, wild Bird shirts, Buffalo T Shirts, Butterfly T Shirts, Deer T Shirts, Dolphin T Shirts, Elk T Shirts, Fox t-shirts, Frog T Shirts, Wild Horse T Shirts, Moose shirts, Otter tees, Prairie Dog T Shirts and Wolf Shirts. Click on the category of your favorite wild animal to choose a t shirt that is just right for you.  Our Animal T Shirts feature animal art designs by famous wildlife artists. The t-shirts are made by "The Mountain". We have Mountain Girl tank tops, spaghetti straps and cap sleeves, too. 

Animal Jewelry – We have Eagle, Wolf, Frog, Dolphin, Horse, Owl, Turtle, and squirrel animal jewelry. We have magnetic bracelet animal jewelry, necklaces and chokers with your favorite animals on them.  We also have earrings to match.  Make sure to check out our animal watches.  They were exclusively made for Wildlife of America's gift shop.

Bear Gifts - We have darling black bear figurines, grizzly bear figurines and polar bear figurines.  Our bear t shirts, are beautifully made by The Mountain.  You will find unique bear gifts such as mugs, license plates, keychains, mousepads, candles, gift baskets, notecards and magnets.

Wild Bird Gifts - Cardinals, Canadian Geese, Ducks, flamingos and Hawks adorn t shirts, license plates, keychains, mousepads and jewelry in our Wild Bird Gift section.

Buffalo Gifts - Buy beautfiul Buffalo figurines, wood ones, too.  The majestic buffalo adorns these wonderful gifts,  t shirts mousepads, clocks, license plates, keychains, and notecards.  Great animal lover gifts. 

Butterfly Gifts - Cute butterfly gifts, t shirts, candles and aroma burners. 

Coytoe Gifts - Darling Coyote animal figurines, coyote candles, coyote license plates with matching keychain and coyote magnet and mousepad.  Find the perfect coyote gift.

Deer Gifts - Beautiful Doe and Buck animal figurines, gorgeous Deer T Shirts, license plates with matching keychains, magnets, mousepads, deer clocks and watches, deer towels and potholders, handpainted deer picture frames...what more could an animal lover ask for in these deer gifts?

Dolphin Gifts - Don't forget our sea life.  Please check out our dolphin gifts. Beautiful dolphin figurine, great dolphin t shirts, tank tops and dolphin cap sleeve tees.  Cute dolphin jewelry, candleholders, aroma burners, windchimes, dolphin mousepads, license plates and keychains.

Eagle Gifts - The symbol of America's free.  Don't miss these fantastic eagle gifts, eagle t shirts, tank tops, eagle jewelry, eagle magnets, eagle mug, eagle notecards, eagle license plates with matching keychains, eagle mousepad, eagle pillow and an eagle towel.

Elk Gifts - Find unique Elk figurines, beautiful elk t shirts, an elk license plate with matching keychain, an elk magnet and even an elk clock in our wonderful elk gifts.

Fox Gifts - Really cute fox gifts include fox t shirts for the kids, fox license plate with matching keychain, and a fox magnet.  Do you know a animal lover who would appreciate these gifts?

Frog Gifts - Be sure to check out our cute cap sleeve frog t shirts, frog jewelry, frog candles and aroma burners, frog windchime and red eyed tree frog mousepad.  Great animal lover gifts.

Bear with cub 


Horse Gifts - Our Wild Horse Gifts are simply beautiful.  Find a horse figurine, wild horse t shirts, tank tops and spaghetti strap tees from The Mountain.  Wild horse jewelry, a mug, mousepad, towel, magnets, license plates with matching keychains are included in our horse gift section.

Hummingbird Gifts - These hummingbird gifts will make wonderful gifts for an animal lover.  There are outstanding hummingbird t shirts and tank top by The Mountain.  Hummingbird hand painted picture frames, a hummingbird license plate with matching keychain, a hummingbird mousepad and magnet.

Moose Gifts - If you like Moose, you will love these Moose gifts.  We have unique Moose Animal Figurines, Moose T Shirts,  Moose Clocks, moose license plates and matching keychain, a moose magnet and moose mousepad.  We even have a Moose clip watch uniquely made for our gift shop.

Otter Gifts - Get your child a darling otter t shirt or mousepad.  Buy yourself an otter license plate with matching keychain and magnet.

Prairie Dog Gifts - How cute are these prairie dog gifts?  Surpirse an animal lover with one.  Buy a prairie dog figurine, childs or adult prairie dog t shirt or a mousepad.

Raccoon Gifts - Celebrate the antics of that rascal raccoon by buying these darling raccoon gifts.  The raccoon figurine is so cute,  The raccoon watch is a Wildlife of America exclusive.  Don't forget to check out the raccoon license plate with matching keychain, magnet and mousepad.

Squirrel Gifts - Cute license plate with matching keychain, magnet and mousepad can be found in Squirrel Gifts.

Wild Turkey Gifts - Outstanding Turkey T Shirts, and artistically beautiful license plates and matching keychains, magnets and mousepads will make wonderful animal lover gifts.

Turtle Gifts - You have to see the realistic turtle animal figurine, turtle jewelry, colorful sea turtle towel and mousepad, box turtle mousepad and turtle medicine mug to believe how cute these turtle gifts are.

Wolf Gifts - Find beautiful wolf figurines, wolf t shirts, tank tops and spaghtetti strap tees, wolf jewelry, wolf watches, clocks, magnets, license plates, keychains and more.  Remember a purchase of any animal gift from our Animal Lover Gift Shop will help build fencing for Wolf Howl Animal Preserve.

North American Wildlife Gifts - North American Animal figurines, animal t shirts and mousepads can be found in North American Wildlife Gifts.  There are chipmunks, armadillos, seals, manatees, groundhogs and opossom gift items. 

North American Wildlife Collectibles - Browse through our animal collectible section of animal lover's gifts.  Some collectibles will be new, some used but all we be wonderful animal collectible finds.

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